Baby Maisie visits Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home

Our Deputy Manager here at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home, Abigail, is currently on maternity leave with her beautiful baby girl, Maisie. We were all overjoyed when Abigail very kindly brought Maisie in for cuddles recently.

Our residents were delighted to see Abigail back with her bundle of joy; it bought back very fond memories for some of them. Some of our residents enjoyed cuddles with baby Maisie and some just enjoyed looking at her and taking her all in.

Abigail also brought along her first born, Alfie. Alfie is a very proud brother to his baby sister and enjoyed showing her off to the team members and residents of Sonya Lodge. Maisie’s Auntie works at Sonya Lodge too – our Senior Carer, Amelia.

Our team members also had lots of cuddles with Maisie. Like all babies, Maisie wanted her bottle whilst at Sonya Lodge; our residents loved seeing Maisie have her ‘bot bot’.

Seeing Maisie was great for our residents to reminisce about how times have changed. They loved looking at how baby clothes have changed over the years and how items like bottles and dummies have changed. Overall, it was a pleasure to have baby Maisie come for a visit and we can’t wait for her to come back!