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Carers Week crafts and enjoying pastimes at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home

A week of crafts for Carers Week

In the last month at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home, arts and crafts have been an all-time favourite. From decoupage to card making with glitter and glue, we’ve been at it all recently!

Our amazing residents made every single card for Carers Week – from folding the cards to signing them all themselves. Each one completely individually crafted, these cards were really ‘made with love’; the dedication and effort that went into these cards were really something special.

Making Carers Week cards at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home

Trying new things

Here at the Lodge one of our favourite things is to try new activities, so in the last couple of weeks we have tried some new things.

Our Joan has tried her hand at board games and Recreation and Well-Being Lead Jo lost miserably to her in a game of snakes and ladders!

We recently received a new game ‘Hungry Unicorns’ and this has been a popular choice at our Home recently. Board games are a mentally stimulating activity and encourage brain training.

Peter has been serenading with his newly-acquired talent of ukulele! On Fridays at the Lodge we have Music Therapy sessions. These sessions give our residents the chance to learn a new skill whilst connecting with music. This activity is a great way for our residents to express themselves and we find it propitious at our Home.

Our Home Manager John brought in his four-legged fur baby, Jacob, to pay a visit to everyone. Jacob brought lots of smiles and laughter to our Home – he is a very excitable little soul, so kept up with our residents no problem!