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Carers Week at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home

Last week was National Carers Week; we celebrate this every year at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home as we value our Carers every day.

We know how hard they work to keep our lovely residents cared for, so it’s vital to use this time to show them how much we appreciate them. Our Recreation and Well-Being Team and residents started prepping for this a little while ago and all of our team members received a handmade card.

A few of our residents headed out to get the all important gifts. They bought an assortment of chocolate and fudge as token of appreciation. Every team member received a card and gift because every single one of them cares and is essential in keeping our Home maintained, safe, happy and loved.

Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home residents shopping for Carers Week gifts

Our lovely residents then handed out their cards and gifts to all of our team members, which held great sentiment to everyone involved. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you Carers!

Team members receiving gifts during Carers Week at Sonya Lodge Residential Care Home